this weekend calls for - a wild night of sitting on your buddy’s lap, drinking out of cups with pictures of women in them and getting busted for underage drinking

pick your drinking buddy accordingly and stay safe!

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In 2013, Varlamov was arrested for coming home drunk and attacking his girlfriend, kicking her in the chest, stomping on her and dragging her by her hair, all while laughing and telling her that “if this were Russia, he would have beat her more”. His girlfriend, Evgeniya Vavrinyuk, described their one-year-long relationship as violent. Varlamov plead innocent to second-degree kidnapping and third-degree assault, and, after posting a bond, he was not only released but also allowed to travel with the Colorado Avalanche for their following away games. Vavrinyuk claimed she was afraid of going back to Russia because fans had threatened her and her mother. Two months later, prosecutors dropped the case under claims they lacked the necessary evidence to win a conviction. 

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hockeyloversunited asked: Did j toews really try to convince you to do cocaine??

no i just posted the caption that the girl/s from the photo put on their own instagram

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Eric and Jordan were arrested in 2007 at Eric’s bachelor party along with 12 other attendants after not responding to several complaints for loud noises and harassing motorists. Hey, whatever bros, I got you - what’s a bachelor party without some disorderly conduct and obstruction of the legal process, am I right? Additionally, Jordan, then 18 years old, was charged for underage drinking. The real question is: where were the other two Staals and why weren’t they invited to the fun?

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Throwback to meeting Jonathan Toews at green room and him trying to convince us to do cocaine #hahano bad pic but whatever it’s Jonathan toews (x)

posted on 07.03.14

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